Hire us...

Caustic Coastal is available for hire when not in use for our exhibitions and events programme
We aim to accommodate as much as we can, particularly with creative applications. Full specifications and photos below. Please note some photos include the installations of objects as part of exhibitions, this is just for illustration purposes only. 

Email us...hello@causticcoastal.biz for all enquiries

We have 3 spaces available:

Gallery Space
14 x 6m
2.6m high with tiled ceiling and inset strip lighting. 
Vinyl floor, 3 false MDF walls, 1 wall with windows overlooking Oldfield Road. 
Basic kitchen facilities, and toilet. 

Warehouse Space
10m x 33m
6m high brick walls
Large roller shutter door for van/lorry access
Concrete floors
Racking in place at various points across the space for adaptable usage. 
Energy efficient lighting across the whole space plus skylights. 
Limited plug sockets available although we have access to a variety of extension leads. 

The Fridge:
11.2 x 9.3m - height approx 5m
Doorway: 280 x 178cm
No lighting
Poured cement flooring
Ramp access
Plastic insulated walls